The British Schools are to Spy on Students Using CCTV in Buildings

by Adam Gill

In recent developments, it is said that the British schools are going to be placing CCTV cameras all throughout the secondary schools.  That is right, there is set to be almost one hundred thousand CCTV cameras placed throughout the various schools in the United Kingdom.  Most cameras are to be installed within the next year or so but it is said that some schools have actually placed cameras in some of the most private areas of the school including changing rooms and toilets.  Now, parents of most children are not happy because they believe that spying on the children or at least placing cameras in toilets and changing rooms have gone too far.

The spying state of Britain seems to be getting out of control today but the Freedom of Information Act, which collected thousands of responses from school across the country, showed there were at least forty eight thousand cameras already installed in schools.  More than half of all cameras installed were inside the school which has got parents and students worrying, so has the spying state gone too far this time?

There are more than two hundred schools which have actually admitted that they have dozens of cameras installed in changing rooms and toilets.  There are at least one camera for almost a dozen students in each school – isn’t that a little too concerning?!  It really does seem that more and more schools are installing cameras throughout their schools and that every student will be under surveillance every single day.  Almost ninety percent of all schools have cameras installed within their walls with only a small number of academies that don’t.

However, experts are now saying that this huge amount of number of surveillance is going too far especially with the issue of privacy rising all the time.  Most parents are shocked to learn about the surveillance and most believe that their children shouldn’t be placed under surveillance especially while they are supposed to be safe in school.  Parents and students alike are asking the big question – why?  Why is this happening?  To be honest most CCTV cameras aren’t doing much to stop crime or bullying at school but it does seem to have a problem with society.

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