Get a VPN for Iran to Bypass the Censorship in Iran

by Adam Gill

Many countries around the world want to censor what their residents have access to on the Internet. One of the worst countries to do this to their residents is Iran. They have an extremely effective firewall that prevents their citizens, or anyone visiting their country, from gaining access to Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and a host of news websites. This is the way they control their citizens and keep them from communicating with people or websites outside Iran. However, there is a way to bypass this censorship. This is done by getting a Iranian VPN, or Virtual Private Network.

What Does an Iran VPN Do For You?

Some Internet users are unaware of what an Iranian VPN service will do for them. If this is you, then you have come to the right place. The best thing the Iran VPN provider will do for you is bypass the firewall the Iranian government has implemented. The service makes an encrypted connection between your computer or mobile device, which prevents the firewall from intercepting. Once this connection is made to the Iranian VPN, you will be able to surf the worldwide web and have access to anything that is available, such as all the sites Iran blocks.

The second thing is does for you is allows you to surf the web anonymously. This will prevent the Iranian government from finding out that you are bypassing their censorship firewall and protect you from discovery.

How Does an Iranian VPN Work?

This is not as complicated as you may think. Since the censorship that Iran has implemented works with Iranian IP addresses, anyone accessing the Internet from Iran will automatically be assigned an IP address from that country. By connecting to a Iranian VPN service, you change your IP address from Iran to one from another country, such as the United States or the United Kingdom, which are countries that are more liberal when it comes to Internet access.

Bypassing Iran Censorship with an Iranian VPN

First, you must find a good Iranian VPN service that has the protocols that cannot be blocked by the Iran firewall imposed on its residents. This will include Iran VPN providers that have SSL protocols, instead of the PPTP. Even though most VPN have PPTP, it may not work in Iran. The government goes to great lengths to prevent anyone from bypassing their firewall and this includes people using a Iran VPN that only has PPTP as a protocol.

Iran VPN

After finding the right IranVPN provider, you need to register with the service by entering a user name and valid email address. The Iran VPN will send you an email with a password that will allow you to access the members area of the service. There you can choose the bandwidth you need, the protocol required and pay for the subscription.

Top 5 Iranian VPN Services

It will be hard to find the best Iranian VPN services if you are trolling the Internet from inside Iran. That is why we have researched each of the Iran VPN providers to come up with a list of the top 5. Our crack team of researchers have spent countless hours inside Iran connecting to different Iran VPN providers to find the top 5. You can go to anyone of these, but we ranked each one based on the ease of set up, the access speed, the number of servers each one has around the world, the different protocols offered and the cost. We have listed the top 5 Iran VPN providers that will allow you to bypass the censorship firewall the country has installed.

RankProvider NameStarting PriceMoney Back Guarantee
Visit Provider Site
ExpressVPN$6.67/month30 Daysvisit expressvpn
2Hidemyass$11.52/month30 Daysvisit hidemyass
3IPVanish$10.00/month7 Daysvisit ipvanish
4VyprVPN$10.00/Month7 Daysvisit vyprvpn
5StrongVPN$10.00/month7 Daysvisit strongvpn
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