Facebook Is Set To Disclose Members Private Data To The Marketers

by Adam Gill

Everyone loves Facebook and more and more people are using it every day.  However, recently the social networking site has been experimenting with monetizing data and moving it up a gear but what this means is that the move will allow marketers to see its entire database.  This means, anything such as email addresses, telephone numbers and personal data which has been collected will be shown to the marketers so that potential customers can be drawn to the site.

Apparently, the marketer should have already some personal info and if not, then the man in charge, Mark Zuckerberg says that he give the marketing departments a way to chase the clients on his social network site.  Basically the marketers can stalk anyone they really want to over the social networking world in less than seven days which isn’t really right or at least most don’t believe this to be right.

The problem is, once users have input their telephone  number but opting out of the service to show the public the number, it will still be open to the marketer.  All they really have to do is find a number and then that is it – it will be a number that is out there released to the world of scammers and cold callers and no one wants that.

However, most of these tricky clauses are often in the T and C’s, Terms and Conditions which are very hard to find.  This really means anyone can find that their information is being passed over to a 3RD party without them really knowing much about it.

All of this has left Facebook being criticized from all corners and rightly so.  Many people have been using the opt out to keep all private data private while using the site and no one wants to be harassed by cold callers which this move could certainly lead to.  Why are they doing this exactly, well some say this is all for tracking people down and enabling companies to find people easily but does anyone really want this move?

No, not really however Facebook have said any information that is given out will need to have permission.  For any number given out, the persons whose information it is will need to give their permission to have their numbers and data used.  If it does happen, many will be very surprised indeed.

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