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by Adam Gill

Hidemyass is one of the most popular VPN services in the world. It was founded in the year 2005. It is particularly a United Kingdom based service, which has servers operating around the world. The company makes sure to provide a quality service of VPN that is available to people of the whole world at cheap rates. They are now able to hide their IP address and enjoy secured web browsing.

The intention behind the initiative of Hidemyass was to protect the users from hackers. The limitation of censorship and hackers were continually threatening the internet world. The founders then decided to launch a service named ‘hide my ass’ to protect the privacy of the users around the world. Additionally, they will be able to browse the internet anonymously.

The acknowledged goal is to provide the best VPN service for users. It ensures the safety and security of the user. Now, is the stated objective being achieved or how close they are into it? This is an important question. We will try to find the answer with a descriptive review about Hidemyass.

Reside Anywhere in the World – Virtually

Many people would definitely be aware of proxy servers. They allow the user to surf any website by simply entering the URL of the website. Their IP will remain hidden and they can surf anonymously. Though, these proxy servers are good up-to some extent, but VPN servers have changed the ways of browsing. VPN’s have given a new dimension to the internet world, where everyone has freedom as well as secured access to servers.

In short, we can say that VPN is known to be a virtual private network that allows the user to surf securely. Their IP address will remain concealed and the transfer of data would be safe from hackers. VPN’s can assign IP address of another country so that you are able to browse websites that are restricted to a particular region. This means that you can bypass the Geo-targeted and restrictions of the government censorship. ‘Hide my ass’ facilitates the connection of the VPN.

The key feature of the VPN’s is data encryption. Whenever you connect with internet and perform activities, all will be secured in the encrypted form. Now you can easily perform instant messaging and VOIP like Skype and many more activities in a secured way.

There are many distinctive features of the VPN. Of which, the most prominent is the extensive range of the servers. Hide my ass is considered to be an outstanding service in this regard. It has more than three hundred servers operating in fifty-three countries. This means that you can hide your IP behind thirty-six thousands internet protocol (IP) addresses. Now, you can view websites that are available to the viewers of a specific geographical area like (Netflix, Hulu). It has an amazing feature that even if you are traveling through Europe and you want to watch movies or American shows, then just connect with any of the HMA servers based in the US and you will be able to watch movies without any difficulty.

hidemyass vpn review

The other advantage of the HMA is the speed which is possible through the availability of the servers in different parts of the world. The speed of the server would be greater if it is nearest to your location. For instance, you are in SPAIN, so you can select a Spanish server, or any other server that is nearest to Spain. This is why HMA always gets good ratings on its valuable feature of “speed”.

Digital Security:

If you are aspiring to have the best VPN service that provide the highest level of security and anonymity, and then Hidemyass would be the finest choice. You can select a designated time period for a particular server so that the server would be changed automatically after the selected time is over. This means that you don’t need to change servers manually. HMA will greatly assist to secure your important information whenever you log-in to the public network. Therefore, there are greater chances of the hackers to hack your data, if you are using the internet at public spots. The HMA will protect all data behind a virtual firewall. All tutorials are available for the guidance of the user. Moreover, a new IP is assigned to your network, each time you connect Hidemyass.

Protocols Available:

It is available in different protocols. The first one is OpenVPN, the second one is L2TP and the third one is PPTP.

HMA VPN protocols explained:

It is interesting that HMA is using the protocols that are compatible with the majority of PCs and devices. Of which, the most popular one is OpenVPN. It is the most trusted according to security and convenience. It caters more than one server at a time as well as many connections simultaneously. Additionally, the ‘authentication’ and ‘encryption’ are ensured with the help of OpenSSL. It is recommended to use with HMA. This is why it is regarded as the most reliable protocol.

L2TP is another protocol that is widely used to assist other VPNs. This protocol is suggested to use on the iPhone with HMA.

PPTP is commonly used to watch films on Smart phones. It is recommended if you are likely to browse blocked websites and movies. Some phones have software that allows them to use this protocol without any hurdle and it supports Hide my ass as well. This wide array of supported protocols’ allows the user to use the HMA on any device.

 Hidemyass VPN Speed:

The user always like the speed of browsing and prefer those VPNs that provide greater speed. Another feature is “switching servers”. You can switch among various services with just a single click. The browsing servers are really fast. There is an alternative server selection, which means if you’re already selected server is slow, you can select an alternative faster server according to your requirement. It is estimated that more ninety-five percent server of HMA supports the needs of users.

Some reviews have been taken from the servers and interesting results were found. It is estimated that twenty percent of the servers have the speed of three thousand KB/s. It is interestingly fast. As we know, you would only need fifteen hundred KB/s for the online streaming of videos. If you wish to maximize the speed with HMA, then you should use OpenVPN.

Hidemyass VPN Packages:

HMA is offered at cheap rates keeping in view the affordability of users. You will be charged 11.52 dollars, 50.66 Dollars and 78.66 Dollars for one month, six months and one year respectively. The price of the HMA is reasonable, especially if you select the plan of twelve months. It offers extensive discounts if you avail services for more than one month. It is really interesting that all plans have the same features like access to various servers and unlimited bandwidth around the globe. In fact, there is just the difference of the discounted rates of different plans.

If you are seeking an excellent VPN service that most likely to meet all requirements, then surely HMA would be a suitable choice. You will have a peace of mind because it provides the money back guarantee of thirty days.

Hidemyass Software:

The software of HMA can be used easily. Whether you are using window 7 or any other operating system like Linux, it will work one hundred percent.

Hidemyass VPN Dashboard:

Its interface is simple & convenient and it will display when you launch HMA.

Country Selection:

You can switch among different servers with the help of just one click. You can select server of any country from the options shown on the map according to your own choice.

IP Address Setting:

 This feature allows changing the IP address. Whether you wish it to be changed randomly or manually, it will just depend upon your choice.

Secure IP Bind:

There was a problem with the other VPN services that whenever your network connection is disconnected suddenly, your IP is being leaked out. Thanks to Hidemyass that has an option of “Secure IP Bind”. It will ensure the anonymity of the connection even if the connection is being lost unexpectedly.

Speed Test:

You can check the speed of different servers to select a suitable server.

Operating System:

It is commonly used and compatible with the majority of the OS.

Hide my ass for the router:

This is a wonderful feature that enables the user to install HMA on the router. Now, you don’t require HMA for each device you are using. Just you need to install HMA at the source internet connection. This will keep your web browsing protected.

Log Policy:

It is not complicated and your time of the log-on starts when you connect with VPN.

Easy set up and Use:

First of all, you need to create an account. Then, pay charges with the help of PayPal or other payment methods. Then, you just need to log in with the credentials being sent to you before. Your service will become protected when VPN is connected. Its installation is simple and no further technical problems will occur. It is designed keeping in view the convenience and requirements of a common user. It has numerous numbers of features and can be used straightforwardly. It is easy to use and even a layman can use it with no trouble.

Multiple Connections:

 As discussed above, you will be able to use it for many connections, if you install hide my ass at your source internet connection, i.e. a router

Rapid Expansion:

The use of HMA has been increasing for many years. Previously, it had servers in thirty-eight countries, but now they are more than fifty servers around the world.

Hidemyass Payment methods:

You can select any widely accepted payment methods including PayPal, payza, wire transfer and credit cards.

Free Trial:

It is amazingly offered for trial use with thirty days money back guarantee.

Room for Improvement:

The continual improvement of HMA is amazing. It uses the standard and secure servers for users.  There are no restrictions of Bandwidth so you can enjoy its unlimited usage. It bypasses the problems of blocked websites and blocked ports. Still, there is room for improvements so that necessary developments will make it more fascinating.You can also read more details about Hidemyass features and hidemyass hot offers.

The Complete Package:

If you are a regular internet user, then this would be a complete package for yourself as well as your family. Most importantly, it provides protection at affordable rates. Surprisingly, its benefits are unlimited!

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