IAPS Online Security Statistics and Tips

by Adam Gill

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IAPS Security issues a warning to Eastern European travelers regarding online security. A recent study has revealed that these travelers are among the most likely to get hit by cybercrime. The study also shows Manchester, UK, as the top location where travelers are victimized.

Manchester Visitors are Likely Cybercrime Victims

Europe has long been a favorite for vacationers around the world. European cities are always alive with travelers from the four corners. This is very attractive to online criminals because they know that travelers do not know where the safe Wi-Fi hotspots are. Travelers also often use mobile devices for connecting to the Internet. This makes them easy targets. AnchorFree recently conducted a survey on different European cities to determine where travelers have most been hit. They found that Manchester topped the list. The cities of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris and London were next on the list. In ranks six to ten are Dublin, Milan, Rome, Barcelona and Berlin.

The AnchorFree report confirmed what IAPS Security reported months ago. People on the move who connect to the Internet through mobile devices are increasingly at risk of falling victim to cybercrime. The main reason for this is that they most often use unsecured public Wi-Fi connections. The report from AnchorFree has singled out which destinations travelers are most likely to be hit, but there are actually a few other groups and locations that are also at high risk. IAPS Security studies show an increase in VPN use as an Internet security tool, and hopes that this trend will continue and spread to the following areas:

AnchorFree has also shared consolidated data on the groups who are likely targets of online criminals. They report that:
• 6 of the 10 European cities with the highest cybercrime rates are popular tourism destinations.
• Over 20% of British people fall victim to identity fraud, the highest concentration of victims in Europe.
• 300,000 Germans have fallen victim to identity theft over the last three months.
• Many of the top European cities are educational centers, and students are likely victims of identity theft because they have clean credit and employment histories.

IAPS Security


The analysis of VPN use showed people who live in or travel to southern European holiday destinations tend to use it the most. Next come people in areas where identity fraud happens most. People living in Southern Europe are VPN users because they are aware of the high risk of cybercrime in their area. There are a lot of travelers in the area, both for business and pleasure. This means high VPN use by the travelers and high VPN use by residents because of the increased risk of cybercrime caused by the presence of travelers.

IAPS Security now recommends a VPN for residents and travelers to Europe as a precautionary measure. For people in the top ten risk areas, VPN use is a must. Comparing VPN use in European cities to cities at high risk of cybercrime, IAPS Security reports that only three of the top ten high risk areas show high VPN use. The cities are Manchester (rank 1), Dublin (rank 6), and Barcelona (rank 9). These cities rank 8, 10 and 3, respectively for VPN use. If unsecured Internet users in these high risk areas would start using VPN services, IAPS Security concludes, it is likely that succeeding reports of cybercrime would show a significant decrease.

VPN services have long been used to secure Internet privacy, and remain the best tools for safe Internet use. The private tunneling and data encryption features of leading VPN services provide users with online anonymity and data security that help protect them from cyber crimes like identity fraud and theft. VPNs are flexible tools that can cover the risks for different types of users in different locations.

Choosing the right VPN is a matter of weighing priorities and access needs. With the variety of VPN packages available from leading VPN providers, there is one that can suit every user’s needs. To compare different VPN provider features and costs, use this comparison tool.

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You can also Check out here the all time Top 10 VPN Service Providers list.

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