Malware Attacks Are Now At the Highest They Have Ever Been

by Adam Gill

In the past few years alone, using the internet has never been bigger but it does seem that it comes with a price.  In the past four years alone, McAfee has seen the number of Malware attacks decrease ever so slightly but it seems all that has now changed.  In the past few months, the amount of Malware attacks is now at an alarming rate – a very high rate indeed.  This means it has doubled the amount of attacks there were last year alone because the reason is that so many code authors are now finding new ways of hiding their malicious codes and attacking every new device that is out there today.

In the past six months, there has been an extra one and a half million malware attacks – this is a huge increase number and one which may be set to continue.  It is very shocking but it seems that very few devices are really safe today and it means, more web users are going to run into attacks somewhere along the line.

There have been over five hundred experts working alongside McAfee in trying to prevent these attacks and find out how they are occurring.  Shockingly, it seems that there are at least one hundred thousand malware samples experts are finding every single day which is very disturbing indeed.  Cyber attacks are now on the rise but the trouble is that they are not just on computers but mobile devices meaning no one is really safe.

No device is safe, not even Apple and their Mac devices.  They have to content with the likes of the ‘Find and Call’ malware attack or the Flashback Trojan.  It has really caused a lot of problems to thousands of people already.  However, it is not only Apple that has to contend with the malware attacks because every device from Android to Windows has to deal with these problems.

There is now a huge amount of mobile device attacks and it is set to continue especially since most of the malware is being directed straight to Android OS.  This can include SMS sending viruses as well as spyware being used and of course mobile bot nets.  All of these things are hurting mobile devices every single day and it is going to continue.  However, one of the worst forms of malware is now RansonWare.  This is where the cybercriminals can’t actually give a device any malware until the person who owns it pays for it – they won’t recognise that its malware and they think it’s something legit for their device.  It’s upping cyber crime every day.  Though, for RansonWare is does seem to be only attacking mobile devices instead of PCs but that may change at any moment.

It seems that criminals are also using well known social networking sites like Twitter to help fund their campaign and spread for malware.  This is because the bot nets which are full of infected files will send out spam or launch actual attacks to those online.  All this can be done through tweet commands which are sent to the bot nets.

However, it’s not just the internet which the attacks are happening, now, criminals are using USB thumb drives to send malware.  This is lead to an astounding number of people who have been attacked by the malware.  Auto Run worn is also being used which is targeting stealing passwords; it’s worrying and the attacks are growing.  Everyone really does need to be very careful with all of their devices no matter what they are doing online.

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