Best VPN for Windows 8 Tablet PC

by Adam Gill

Windows 8 is the newest operating system introduced on any new computer that has Microsoft OS, such as Dell, IBM and many others. This includes new tablets and smart phones, as well as gaming consoles. Even though this new operating system offers more Internet security to protect your equipment, it still is susceptible to censorship, blocking software and new hacking programs. Microsoft has recognized this problem and inserted an easy to follow Virtual Private Network (VPN) network that you can follow to ensure that anytime you are online, you get extra protection.

VPNs are services that allow you to bypass blocking programs, get around censorship firewalls and mask your IP. These services are being used by Internet users that want to have more freedom when they go online. You can switch IPs, block hackers, prevent viruses from corrupting your equipment and join websites that are only available in specific countries. However, you still have to find the best VPN for Windows 8 tablet PC.

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What is a VPN for Windows 8 Tablet

A Windows 8 tablet is like a small computer that is mobile and works on a wireless network. These devices go online through WiFi networks, including unsecured wireless networks at your local coffee shop or burger joint. These places do not protect you from any software that infiltrates your tablet. Windows has still not been able to prevent hackers from bypassing the security features on your Windows 8 tablet, this is true for every tablet on the market.

The VPN does much more than just offer Internet security. You can watch Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer or other regional websites from outside their country location. These sites are only available inside certain countries, such as Veoh can only be seen in America and BBC iPlayer can only be seen in the United Kingdom. However, with a VPN, you can get the required IP addresses to get authorized to view these sites from anywhere.

Of course, the best thing about Windows 8 tablet VPN services is the extra security protocols your will receive by joining one of the top providers.

Connect a VPN for Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft has configured into the Windows 8 program an avenue to easily connect their new tablet to a VPN service. It still depends on whether the VPN will work with this OS and which protocol you want to use to protect through the VPN when online, but here is a simple procedure to follow

  • Select Menu
  • Select Search
  • Insert VPN in Search box
  • Choose “Set Up a virtual Private Network Connection”
  • If you already have an ISP, continue, but if you want to set up a VPN without an ISP service available, select “I will set up an Internet connection later”
  • Insert VPN name
  • Insert VPN credentials, account user name and authorization password
  • Select Close

You may have to insert additional details, depending on the protocol you select to use from the VPN service, but these are the basic steps. You can find the guidelines on your VPN providers site.

Find a VPN for Windows 8 Tablet

No review site can offer you all the advice you may be looking for when it comes to VPN usage. However, you can rely on our site to let our readers know everything they need to know. We keep the most updated news on every VPN service and continue to conduct VPN reviews, even on the providers we are currently recommending. We pride ourselves on being the site to go to and want you to continue to read our updated articles and reviews. We are currently suggesting these VPN for Windows 8 tablet, but check back, these recommended sites change periodically, depending on quality.

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5 VyprVPN $14.95/month 7 Days visit vyprvpn
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