How To Watch BBC iPlayer In US?

by Adam Gill

In the old times, entertainment was only limited to live performances and drama and the viewers present at the auditorium or arena were the only people to be entertained and that too for a very short duration of time. So, it seems like in the old times only a limited number of people were able to entertain themselves while rest of them were unable to get such facilities. But now, in the last decade the advancement in communication technology has allowed people to be entertained in so many ways and now Television is found in almost every home around the world and that is why TV shows have also become very popular and people follow them for years.

How Internet Has Turned Around the Entertainment Industry!

When we talk about TV shows, we cannot deny that TV shows in the UK and the US are very popular and people around the world follow them very much. So, with the help of TV and Cable TV people around the world have very easy access to the entertainment stuff. On the other hand, Internet has also increased the ease of access for the users and now people can easily watch their favorite TV shows on the internet. Obviously, as we all know that how much busy schedules everyone has nowadays and that is where internet comes in, as it provides latest content to the users at any time they want. So, it does not matter if people miss their favorite TV show episode on the TV, as they can easily watch it later on the internet without any trouble. Internet is available to people all around the world and it is cheap as well, so users have no problem getting entertained on the internet.

BBC iPlayer US

Trend of Video Portals Increasing on the Internet:

Now let’s talk about the TV shows available on the internet.All new TV show episodes are uploaded to popular online video portals and thispractically shows that we have entered a new age of entertainment solutions. Previously, whenever users missed their shows, they had to go for silly video websites that offer the shows and dramas online after a week and those also had extremely low quality. So, at that time people were unable to completely enjoy their favorite TV shows. But in the new video portals, shows are presented in the ways that user can easily enjoy their favorite TV shows.

The web based video portals have the potential and luxury that users always wanted to have. With the help of these video portals, people can access any episode of their favorite shows and they will be able to enjoy that show as if watching it on the live screen. Undoubtedly, video portals have given users a completely new dimension for the entertainment purposes.

US and UK Video Portals: High Quality Entertainment!

As I mentioned above, US and UK web servers have some extra ordinary web based video portals. Some of the best and most popular names included Veoh, Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, etc. in the US while there are BBC iPlayer, BBC One, SkyPlayer, 4oD, etc. available in the UK. Now, all these and many other major video portals ensure the high level of entertainment for the users and some of them even show new videos in HD quality.

Geo Restriction On All Major Video Portals including BBC iPlayer are in Place!

Well, the problem with these video portals is that not all the users can access these video portals. It means that all these video portals are made accessible in the regions or countries where they are actually based in and outsiders are unable to access them. It means that if a video portal is based in US, then it will only be accessible by the people living in US and people living outside the country will not be able to enjoy their favorite TV shows due to these restrictions. When we take example of Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, ABC, as all these websites are based in US and similarly they can only be accessed by people living in the US and same is the case with the UK. All those restrictions are due to the big contracts made by those TV companies to release their TV shows in other regions on DVDs and other channels.

BBC iPlayer Also Has Geo Restrictions: Any Solution?

BBC iPlayer is one of the best video portals available in the entire UK and it is capable of showing new shows with best HD quality. And now people living in the UK can easily access BBC iPlayer and enjoy all the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows on it.

Unlock BBC iPlayer in US using a VPN Service:

So, if you are living in the US then definitely you cannot access the BBC iPlayer website in your country. We all know that UK TV shows are very popular in US but they have to find alternative ways to access BBC iPlayer website. So, it is highly suggested that people living in US get a VPN connection and that is how they can access BBC iPlayer in their country without any trouble.

Best VPN Service Provider for Watching BBC iPlayer Online:

Following are the top 5 VPN service providers that will allow US citizens to access BBC iPlayer.

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ExpressVPN $8.32/month 30 Days visit expressvpn
2 Hidemyass $6.55/month 30 Days visit expressvpn
3 IPVanish $10.00/month 7 Days visit ipvanish
4 StrongVPN $21/ 3 months 7 Days visit strongvpn
5 VyprVPN $14.95/month 7 Days visit vyprvpn
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