How to Watch CBS in UK

by Adam Gill

CBS is one of the most popular TV channels in US. With thrilling and interesting TV serials like ‘How I met your Mother’, Two and a Half Men, CSI, and The Mentalist, it is hard to stay away from this channel for most people. If you are a big fan of programs like these and have a strong desire to watch them on TV but cannot do anything as there is no TV channel broadcasting them inside UK, now you can breathe easy. This is because of a simple trick called VPN that allows you to keep your identity hidden from your internet service providers, or the ISP’s as they are called.

 It is hard to resist the temptation to watch CBS

Columbia Broadcasting System, popularly known as just CBS, is second only to ABC in terms of reach and today it has penetration in nearly 200 million homes inside US. However, you are denied from watching this channel outside US as Geo restriction is employed by CBS to prevent people like you from watching it just like Netflix and Hulu. The best option for you in these circumstances is to make use of Virtual Private Network to bypass these geo restrictions so as to be able to watch CBS content. With a VPN system, you get an IP address that is from USA fooling the system that intends to block out CBS content for people living abroad.

Get a US IP address through VPN

No matter which ISP you may be using at present to access to internet inside UK, there are companies providing VPN services at very cheap rates that allow the user to browse any website without his real identity getting revealed to the website. This is because you are provided a new IP address by the VPN service provider. If you want a US IP address, this is also possible and then you get the ability to surf all websites like a US national. How to watch CBS content in UK becomes possible through VPN companies. Consult the chart containing top 5 VPN companies to decide on the company that is best suited to your requirements.


What happens during a browsing session?

In ordinary internet connections, your request for the URL that you type in a search engine is first sent to your ISP that is then forwarded by the ISP to the servers of the company owning the URL to release such information that may have been requested. The information is relayed to you through the ISP once the request is approved by the servers of the company. What this means is that your ISP as well as the company owning the website are in the know of all your activities during a browsing session.

What happens when you use VPN

When you subscribe to the services of VPN Company, you are instantly provided a US IP address concealing your identity and fooling the servers of the website of CBS inside US. You can configure this service on your mobile or iPad and watch CBS content anytime you so desire. You now know how to watch CBS content in UK and also how to enhance your privacy while browsing internet.

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