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Total VPN

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Anonymizer Inc

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What is VPN and How to Choose Best VPN

For those who do not know about the advantages of VPN Services, let us summarize that VPN is used in offices and companies for security and privacy. This service is also used in homes for entertainment and leisure. However, the greatest challenge that awaits any new VPN user is the selection of a best VPN service provider. There are practically hundreds of VPN service providers around the world that will try to give you the impression that they are competent professionals who fulfill all your needs. Sadly, this is not the case. You have to read VPN reviews before purchasing subscriptions from VPN service providers and this is exactly where VPNGround plays its part. is not an ordinary VPN Review website. We have a lot of features that no other website offers. There are 4 basic features that have been introduced in this site to make the selection of VPN service providers easier These features are enlisted below:

1- VPN Service Provider Details

This portion provides you with all the details that you require regarding a VPN Service provider. These details make the process of selecting the best VPN service provider easier because of all the features provided by the VPN Service Providers listed on this page. Some of the basic features that are mentioned for every service provider in this portion are supported protocol, IP Types, supported OS, supported devices, billing cycle, detailed review, user’s and editor’s rating and founding date, along with country of origin. I think all of you would agree that all of this detail in one place will make it a lot easier to learn about the service providers. This will aid you in the process of selecting the best VPN service provider.

2- VPN Service Provider Comparison

Another feature that we have incorporated in this site to make life easier for you is VPN service provider comparison. This is a very cool feature in which you can select 2 VPN service providers and see their detailed compared along side each other. VPNGround has more than 300 high quality VPN service providers in its list and all of these can be compared against each other. This VPN comparison feature will be very useful if you cannot make up your mind between 2 VPN Service providers.

 3- VPN Service Provider Offers:

We also have a dedicated VPN offers portion where different amazing limited time offers by the VPN service providers are listed. If you are in need of an offer to save cost or get a better package, this is the best place for you. These offers can save you up to 30% or more. Different VPN service providers have different offers that will help you get the high quality VPN Service for the cheapest price.

 4- VPN Reviews and Blog:

To make the process of selecting a VPN service provider simple for you, we have done detailed reviews of VPN companies. These reviews are listed in the detail at the bottom of this page and more detail is available on the blog. We have maintained a dedicated VPN blog that will be updated daily with latest VPN news, tips and tricks. Be it VPN for iPad, iPhone, Android phone or your personal computer, all configuration details and methods will be listed on the blog. It will also list ways to protect your computer while surfing the Internet with a VPN. Details of how entertainment portals like Netflix, Hulu or Pandora can be access around the world will also be mentioned in this section.

 5- Custom VPN Provider Search Possible!

We also provide you the facility of choosing a VPN service provider based on your own preferences. You can see at the top of this page that you can select whatever criteria you want in each field and find the appropriate VPN service provider. This facility is very useful for those customers who have already made up their mind regarding the kind of service that they are looking for.

Criteria for Selection of Best VPN Service Providers:

After seeing all of the above arrangements we have done to let you decide which VPN service provider is the best, some of you might be wondering how we rate a particular VPN service provider. We assure you that we have a very clearly defined criteria on how we rate quality of VPN service provider. Below are some of the basic factors that are considered while judging a Best VPN service provider:

  1. Number of Servers
  2. Location of Servers
  3. Supported Protocols
  4. Flexibility of Billing Cycle
  5. Supported Operating Systems
  6. Supported Devices
  7. Number of available offers
  8. User Feedback and reviews
  9. Customer support
  10. Pricing and Affordability

As you can see, we consider all kind of factors before classifying a VPN service provider as good or bad.

VPNGround is the BEST!!

We can safely conclude that VPNGround is the best site for VPN reviews, news and tips. It provides you services, features and options that no other site will offer you. Do remember to visit our site every now and then because we will be continuously updated and show you the amazing VPN offers that you might be interested in. Get a VPN Service from VPNGround’s recommended VPN service providers and have a safe, exciting browsing experience!

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