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» Founded: 2011
» Location: China
» VPN Countries Covered: 94
» Money Back: No

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» L2TP
» OpenVPN
» IPSec
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» Windows Vista
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$ 7 (1 Month) Best Deal

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Using the web will be something that all of us will use at some point in our lives. At times, we might not believe that we are truly ever safe here but we donít do anything about it which is why private information is taken from us.
However, if anyone wants to make sure that their private information is safe and secure at all times, they should look towards getting a virtual private network Ė VPN. VPN is a great way to make sure whatever you do online is completely secure and private.
GFWVPN can offer that and a lot more. This is a Chinese company who are offering American VPN only but they do start off with a mere seven dollars for a month to month plan which is fairly good when it comes to finding inexpensive VPN providers today. However, if you are looking for SSL or SSTP from GFWVPN then think again because you will be disappointed. With GFWVPN you are only going to be able to choose from IPSec, PPTP, Open VPN, PPTP and L2PT.
However, GFWVPN is going to give you a Dedicated

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