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» Founded: 2010
» Location: United States
» VPN Countries Covered: 94
» Money Back: 7 days

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IPVanish VPN Features

VPN Protocols VPN IP Types Supported Operating Systems
» L2TP
» OpenVPN
» IPSec
» Shared IP Static
» Shared IP Dynamic
» Dedicated IP
» Shared IP
» Windows XP
» Windows Vista
» Windows 7
» Mac OS X
» Windows
» Linux
» iOS
» Android
» Symbian
Payment Methods Customer Support Language Supports
» Paypal
» Visa
» Master Card
» Credit Card
» American Express
» Discover
» Email
» Support Ticket
» Live Chat
» Forum
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» English
Supported Devices Billing Cycle  Visit IPVanish VPN
» Smartphone
» iPhone
» iPad
» iPod touch
» Android
» Windows Mobile
» Boxee
» Apple TV
» iTouch
» Ddwrt Router
» iPod
$ 77.99 (1 Year) Best Deal
$ 26.99 (3 Month)
$ 10.00 (1 Month)

Read Detailed IPVanish VPN Review

Relatively new to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) industry is IPVanish. Since 2012, this VPN has been making waves in the industry with its coverage area and security features. According to IPVanish, the group of designers have more than 15 years IT expertise, including IP services, content delivery and network management. Being a Tier One provider is one of the many things that separates this VPN provider from the many others that are being offered online. IPVanish has many more options that separates itself from the others.

IPVanish Features

The options we found during the IPVanish review were exceptional. Our team of reviewers discovered many options that needed pointed out to our readers that will make them take a closer look at this VPN provider.
  • Quick Tier One provider
  • Unrestricted Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Simple to use software
  • Top-ranked Support
  • No Limits on Switching IPs
  • Servers in 20 Countries Through 54 Servers
  • 7-day Guarantee of Use With Money Back
Even though these are some of the best options offered by IPVanish, this providers offers much more. You can be assured that you are protected at all times while online through this VPN. You can choose the options desired during your account set up.

IPVanish Pricing

Our IPVanish review looked at this VPN pricing
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 IPVanish VPN Monthly Offer

IPVanish VPN Monthly Offer Protocols: PPTP,L2TP,SSL,OpenVPN,IPSec,
Discount Offer:
For 1 Month
Previous Price: $11.99
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 IPVanish VPN Yearly Offer

IPVanish VPN Protocols: PPTP,L2TP,SSL,OpenVPN,IPSec,
Discount Offer: Yearly Offer with 46% discount.Save $65.89
$6.49 Monthly
For 1 Year
Previous Price: $143.88
Save $65.89 / 46% OFF

 IPVanish 3 Months VPN Offer

IPVanish VPN Protocols: PPTP,L2TP,SSL,OpenVPN,IPSec,
Discount Offer: 3 Months Offer with 25% discount.Save $8.98
$8.99 Monthly
For 3 Months
Previous Price: $35.97
Save $8.98 / 25% OFF
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