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» Founded: 2011
» Location: Germany
» VPN Countries Covered: 94
» Money Back: No

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VPN in Touch Features

VPN Protocols VPN IP Types Supported Operating Systems
» L2TP
» OpenVPN
» IPSec
» Shared IP Static
» Shared IP Dynamic
» Dedicated IP
» Shared IP
» Windows Vista
» Windows 7
» Mac OS X
» Windows
» Linux
Payment Methods Customer Support Language Supports
» Email
» Twitter
» English
Supported Devices Billing Cycle  Visit VPN in Touch
» iPhone
» iPad
» Android
» Windows Mobile
» Apple TV
» Router
» xBox 360
» iPod
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VPN in Touch Review

The German company, VPN in Touch has only recently been formed. Back in 2011 to be exact however, just because they havenít been around for a decade doesnít mean to say the people behind the company doesnít have any experience with VPN. They probably do and they do offer a great VPN service.
First of all, they donít offer a money back guarantee but the cost for one monthís use is rather small so there probably is no need to. You are just paying out five dollars and change which is still money but for one monthís use of VPN, is pretty good. This is what you have to think about before you jump out there and decide that a no money back guarantee isnít good enough.
VPN in Touch offers American VPN and the protocol options are nice also. You can choose between three Ė IPSec, L2PT and PPTP. All of these are nice but you donít have Open VPN and SSTP or even SSL which isnít bad because all three of the options being offered are great. You will also have to be content with
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