Analyzing ProXPN VPN

by Adam Gill

Virtual Private Network is a great solution for all the internet users. ProXPN service is one of the free and easy to use services and if you are a new user, you will be able to work through the application fairly quickly. There are plenty of risks online and if you want to protect yourself from such risks, you can simply use the secured internet network provided by ProXPN VPN. Basic subscription package of this particular service is totally free. ProXPN is one of those VPN services that are not highly rated but the features are more than enough for a normal user. ProXPN offers both standard as well as premium VPN packages.

Basic Account Features

Basic VPN subscription plan is totally free and you get all the basic features that a VPN service will offer. Let us discuss about the basic features that you get under the basic account package.

  • Online privacy – Internet privacy is basic and you will get this feature as standard in the basic VPN subscription plan. Your data will be encrypted and you will be able to protect your data activity under all situations. None of the hackers, snoopers, phishers, fraudsters, ISPs, government bodies and private organizations will be able to track your data activity.
  • Data protection – IP hiding and replacement technique incorporated by ProXPN service will ensure that your data and identity stay protected forever. All your sensitive details will stay protected.
  • Simple setup procedure – ProXPN VPN service is very simple to setup and the design is intuitive and works wonderfully well. The application is compatible across all OS devices like Windows, Mac, Android and other gadgets.

Individuals subscribing for this package will get all the services totally free and that is one of the best aspects of this plan.

Premium account features

Premium VPN subscription plan is priced at about $6.25 a month and with this package, you get all the outstanding features. Under this package, you can get all these attractive features.

  • Unlimited speed – Higher internet speed can be achieved by the subscriber under this plan. There is a speed limit of 300kbps under the basic subscription plan whereas you get unrestricted bandwidth range in the premium VPN account.
  • VPN Guard – Guard feature is a premium feature exclusively offered to the VIP customer. This program will give you the option to select the application that you wish to shutdown automatically when the ProXPN connection is terminated for some reason or the other.
  • Mobile support – PPTP VPN service offered by ProXPN service helps users connect their smartphones and tablets to the web application over Wi-Fi or cellular. Step by step procedure is available on the website. Just follow the instructions and setup PPTP VPN on your device successfully.
  • PPTP connection – Premium account holders can choose between OpenVPN and PPTP VPN servers and there is no need for any installer to utilize ProXPN VPN
  • Customer support – Customer support platform operated online is available for subscribers to get their questions answered. Expert support professionals are there to help you resolve all your complex issues.

New premium customers can make use of the 30-day free trial for evaluating the quality of services. This trial is available only for new users.


If you are looking for a reliable VPN service, you can totally rely on the services offered by ProXPN service. Basic customers get to enjoy encrypted, anonymous web browsing, unlimited data transfer, anonymous IP address, OpenVPN connectivity, etc. for free. If you want more enhanced high quality features such as PPTP connectivity, unlimited VPN speed, worldwide VPN server access, torrenting, iOS support, Android support, multiple port availability and high class customer support, you can make use of the Premium subscription plan.

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