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by Adam Gill

A VPN service must provide privacy and security above all else. Because anonymity is closely tied into these, it is the top consideration when selecting a personal VPN. Hiding IP addresses and encrypting traffic is only half the battle, however. A VPN user is only completely anonymous when the VPN provider maintains strict policies regarding user data. For both current and new VPN users, a thorough review of a VPN provider’s privacy policies and security capabilities is necessary to determine if the company truly provides anonymity for users. When we put the leading VPN providers to the test, ExpressVPN came out on top in terms of true user anonymity.

Nothing to Report

VPN providers, just like ISPs, have the ability to monitor users and track their activities. They may also keep records of user data like names, addresses and phone numbers. With the current laws governing file sharing and the PRISM program of the NSA, companies may at any time be pressured into releasing that information to the authorities. That is, if they keep records of it. The only truly anonymous VPN is one that does not keep logs of their subscribers’ Internet usage or maintain records that contain personal data.

False Pretenses

The best VPN companies charge a fee for providing security and privacy. But just like any other business, they are interested in profit. This pushes many of them to give misleading statements regarding the level of anonymity they can provide. Based on advertising alone, it is difficult to determine which company can really secure user privacy and security. In the face of government pressure and regulatory policies that demand the release of data, some companies fold. They would rather keep these agencies happy than keep their users safe from snooping.

Some users are satisfied with a VPN provider that can give them an alternate IP address for circumventing website blocks. Others are after data encryption as a safeguard against online thieves. But for those who are concerned with absolute privacy from anyone attempting to collect their Internet usage data and personal details, there are few that make the cut. ExpressVPN scores very highly for anonymity as well as online security and privacy. The company has long been a strong advocate for user privacy, and they provide the most secure VPN connections available for all supported devices.


True Anonymity

There are several ways in which an agency or an individual can launch an attack on a user’s privacy by going after the VPN provider. The most secure VPN is one that can protect the subscriber from each of these security risks. There are two basic behaviors of a VPN provider that protect a user from all of these violations. They are personal user information records and online activity logging. ExpressVPN does not keep records of their users’ personal information nor does it track user’s online activities or keep logs of user traffic data. Below are the details of the way a truly anonymous VPN service should behave.

First, the VPN provider must keep user details that are associated with forms of payment separate from the user’s account. This way, no person can be linked with an account, and vice versa. Second, the VPN provider must not keep any logs of users’ online activities. Different countries have different data retention and sharing policies as well as different privacy laws. These affect how a VPN company responds to requests for user data. For instance, DMCA takedown notices have no effect on either the VPN company or the users when there is no data available to prove that copyright infringement or illegal file sharing took place. Ultimate anonymity comes only when the VPN provider has no user information that it can turn over to anyone. In cases where users need their data to troubleshoot connections, the first rule of disassociating users from their accounts covers them. Shared IP addresses also helps users remain anonymous as no single user can be connected to the traffic on a single IP address.

To compare other top VPN providers and see what they have to offer in terms of online security, you may use our VPN comparison tool. For a comparison of company policies on privacy, a careful review of each provider’s terms of service is needed. As their policies are subject to change without notice, contacting the provider or visiting their website is the best way to get the most recent information. Privacy concerns in the wake of PRISM, foreign spy group attacks and the rise in cybercrime have prompted some companies to review and adjust their terms.

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