Flaws Found in US Watchdog System

by Adam Gill

A computer scientist whose name is Jonathan Mayer, has proved recently that, the search engine giant Google is using the bypass technology for developing the block tracking system to allow users for anonymous browsing. He has also suspected that, many Internet advertisers may get the authorization of circumventing the legalization system which has stopped them to track peoples who have moved from their websites to others. Mayer himself have run this test to some of his purchased adverts which have acted like sniffers for the types of unauthorized cookies are believed to be utilized.

Through working with these tests, he has invented that, Google has been secretly placing cookies into many iPhone based browsers. This has been done in a way which the FTC has been trying to protect users from. As a result, the search engine is facing a fine which is over $10,000,000. Besides, the FTC itself has not discovered the violation as it didn’t even try searching for this flaw. Jonathan Mayer is a student of Stanford University, and he is working on computer science and law degrees. He has discovered the approach of the giant search engine while working in his leisure period between the classes and homework. Even though, he didn’t receive any money for his amazing find.

The media’s report says that although the duty of FTC is to stop the most popular search engine along with some other organizations from this illegal approaches, the outfit will not be given that much to execute this work. Besides, there is a great bit of reluctance showed by the American politicians to take action over these Internet giants, especially for those who are regularly paying funding for their elections campaigning purposes.

However, the reports from the press have revealed that some of the FTC officials whose were hired by the administration of Obama’s government have been working as the privacy hawks. These officials had previously worked for the consumer rights group like the EFF, and the Public Citizen. Their main issue is the lack of money or time to take action on those technological issues which may have been necessary for finding out the approaches from these companies. Another astonishing fact is that, the privacy act from the FTC, and the Identity protection technologist has not been able to work on his research works as the PC’s security filters have blocked accessing to key websites.

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