Best Free US VPN Services To Get US IP

by Adam Gill

First of all, we all know that the use of the internet is growing rapidly all around the world and even in third world countries. Now you can see many important fields of our lives including Health, Education, Travel, Business and many other fields are also dependent on the internet to a large extent. We can see that a large majority of companies have transferred most of their workload to the internet. This saves a lot of time and employees can work efficiently. One of the reasons why the internet is getting so much popular all around the world is that this service is very affordable and anyone can use it without any trouble.


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VPN Services and Its Growing Use by Netizens

There are many other services out there that help users to enhance their online experience, a VPN or Virtual Private Network is on top of that list. You might already know that with the help of a VPN connection you can actually replace your IP address provided by your ISP with one from another country. This should help you understand that there are many other benefits offered by VPN services. When you are using a VPN service, you will never have to worry about the privacy and protection of your internet traffic. VPN services will ensure maximum protection and privacy for your internet. Today, we are going to talk about some of the best Free VPN service providers.

Why are US VPN Services so Popular?

People around the world ask for US IP addresses because there are many US based websites that offer great entertainment. Certain Internet forums can only be accessed by people living in the US. People that are living abroad cannot access any of that content. In addition, the US has strict internet censorship laws and regulations. That is why people are trying to get a US IP address with the help of VPN services. Today, we are going to discuss the best free US VPN services.  Firstly, we are going to talk about why someone would need a US IP Address. People living in countries like China, Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia face many internet restrictions that are implemented in their respective countries because of government policies. Internet users in those countries can’t access some of the most popular websites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube because they are outside of the United States. That is why it is recommended to get a US VPN service which will allow internet users to access all of these websites.

Get a US VPN Service and Gain Access to Exclusive Video Portals!

A US VPN service will allow internet users to bypass internet censorship established by government policies and enjoy complete internet freedom. Of course you can gain access to other IP Addresses of other host nations, but mostly people like to use US IP addresses and there are many reasons behind that. One of the major reasons is that a US IP address will allow users to access video portals and video streaming from websites available exclusively for US citizens. These popular online video portal websites include Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Veoh, 4oD and many others. Previously, people living outside the US were not able to access all these popular websites but now with the help of a US VPN, anyone can access them while living anywhere.

We Recommend All first-timers to Get a Free VPN Service for US!

If you are thinking of using these services for the first time, then we want you to think twice before choosing a VPN service provider. Of course you wouldn’t want to waste your hard earned cash on such a service until you are completely sure about it. So before investing your money in VPN services, we want you to check out some of the best US VPN service providers in the list below.

1-  HideIPVPN
2-  cyberghostvpn
3- hotspotshield

You may also check out our Top 10 Paid VPN Providers list for best VPN service .

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