HideMyAss Vs IPVanish- A Comparison Between HMA & IPVanish

by Adam Gill

VPN services are being churned out from the house of VPN service providers every now and then. Hence with so many options, the users are not only spoilt for choice but they are highly confused too. As newer VPN services are hitting the market day by day, a proper understanding of various VPN services so that the users can make the right choice. While choosing VPN services, the right choice matters as much as the features of the service. The latest entrant in the market is IPVanish. This VPN service can be compared with the other VPN services so as to get a fair idea about the service. IPVanish has been critically acclaimed and had been highly anticipated. IPVanish has been spread over 20 different countries which are under 54 different kinds of servers. When we place IPVanish against HideMyAss, we get a better idea about the service. HideMyAss has been a winner all the way long. It has been the first choice of the users as it gives them numerous features which help them get their work done without any hassles. When we do a study of HideMyAssvsIPVanish, we get to know the highs and lows of each so that a clear picture is presented in our mind.

Features of HideMyAss

HideMyAss comes with feature rich services which deliver great results to the users. HideMyAss has more than 320 VPN servers which provide service in over 53 countries. If you have single account of HideMyAss, you will get as many as 38,000 IP addresses behind which you can hide. With a single click, the users can switch between the servers without any limitations of bandwidth. The servers here are very quick and work automatically to deliver good results. The best part is that you will not have to share the IP address with other users.  As soon as you disconnect, the IP address that you have been using is made available for re-use. While this may be good for some, this feature does not agree with many. Hence, one should know what kind of service they require. There are features that will help you keep your IP address intact in case you get disconnected or there is any problem in connection. So with this feature, a lot of problem of IP address re-use is cut down. There are tutorials that are dedicated to the usage of PPTP services for your iPhone, Windows Mobile, iPad and Android smart phones. This service comes with a trial period of 30 days. Hence it gives the users long time gap to use the service before purchasing it. HideMyAss is a very dependable service which is worth every penny that you shell for it. There are different packages that are available for the service and the users can choose the plans according to the kind of work that they do using these services. This cuts down the extra cost and helps the user in getting exactly the services that they require.

Features of IPVanish

IPVanish is the latest VPN service in the world of VPN service providers. Within a short span of time, this VPN service has become very popular among internet users. IPVanish is very easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere. This service is tailor made in different versions for different platforms like different versions of Windows, Mac and many other mobile applications.  To make it easier for the users, IPVanish comes with VPN service or client app. This is very easy to use and comes free of cost. With this feature, they can access IPVanish from any place and at anytime. The best thing about this service is that the users get a very high speed of connection when they use this service. This is one factor which helps the users in getting this service for their computer system. More than 80 percent of the browsing speed can be obtained with the use of this VPN service. The users get free server space too as this service is new and the customer database is not filled up. The customers enjoy a good browsing speed every time they use this service. This is a boon for the media lovers for they can watch entertainment websites like Netflix online without any connection problems. IPVanish gives the users unlimited bandwidth which is a big advantage to the users and lures them into getting this service. The IP addresses are dynamically selected for the users and hence this gives them total anonymity as well as security. The users will not be required to purchase multiple accounts of IPVanish as with one single account of IPVanish, they can use to connections simultaneously. The amount of capacity of server that is available and the amount that is used up can be seen using this service. In this way, the users can choose the server that has the minimum load. This feature makes work easier and quicker and is the most favourite feature of all. Like every VPN service, this too comes in different plans and packages. In this way, the users can choose which plan is the most suitable for them and choose that one. This averts undue wastage of money as the users can choose whatever they need to use. IPVanish comes with a trail period of 7 days and if the users are not satisfied with the services, they can avoid buying it. With this money back guarantee, they can choose the service only if it works for them. Trying before buying is an added advantage to the users. IPVanish is a very dependable service which has an excellent customer care support. They users can have solutions to their problems with the help of customer care support. This saves a lot of chaos and confusion. A service with a good customer care support is always an added advantage.


Final verdict:

If you are looking for a service which gives you high connection speed for your entertainment needs and the service which gives you dynamic IP address, you must opt for IPVanish. This service is quite popular due to these features. Unlimited bandwidth will give you all the freedom that you need. There are numerous other features which make this service a winner. This service comes with a sound customer care support which is an added advantage to the users.

If you are looking for a dependable VPN service that comes with many useful features, you must opt for HideMyAss. It is compatible with all kinds of applications and hence the users will not have to worry about it compatibility or about accessing it.

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