The U.S. Oppose Huawei

by Adam Gill

The United States of America are set to be at logger heads with the biggest communications company Huawei once again.  Apparently the U.S. government is worried about the company and how it may actually pose a potential threat against national security of America.  Why – because the company is set to be doing more business in the west of the continent.

There is now a meeting between the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee and the company.  The executives from Huawei will be heading to the government meeting along with its rival ZTE Company.  Everyone wants to have the Huawei Company to explore things out about their expanding the business; but the American government is little worried about the company and how it may actually be a security risk.  The reason why is because the government is worried that the company could potentially be sending off communications equipment to Chinese companies.

What is more, Huawei is a Chinese government backed.  There is to be an investigation over the proceedings and it is set to continue until October.  The truth is the both Huawei and ZTE are some of the biggest telecommunications companies of the world today and now the Americans are asking for information about data which over their internal structures and any and all ties with the government of China.

The truth is that two of the communications companies have always been held over with a bit of curiosity and probably suspicion from the U.S. government.  However, this meeting – which is to be a public hearing, might be able to actually break the ice to allowing the companies expand their business in America today.

Though, the move for Huawei to buy American company 3Leaf was blocked by the government but it does seem that the Chinese company says it’s innocent and only has good intensions about its company.  They do say however that they are not going to be breaking any rules over security but the company hasn’t had as much trouble with coming into the U.K. market.  The U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron did welcome the investment which is estimated over one billion British pound sterling.

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