Best VPNs for Travelers to China

by Adam Gill January 13, 2019

Chinese government is well known in the internet world for its strict censorship and restrictions. Great firewall is one of the problematic censorships we have ever stumbled upon and now we shall discuss about finding the best VPN for travelers to China. There are two major obstacles for those who wish to sign up for […]

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Best VPN for Canada in 2018

by Adam Gill December 2, 2018

Virtual private network services are known to be delivering world class performance in terms of security, anonymity, privacy, performance, quality and overall feature specifications in general. Government snooping, phishing, hacking and other fraudulent activities have hindered and caused trouble to Canadian internet users. If you are using a smartphone, laptop or any other device for […]

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Best Free VPN for FireStick in 2018 – Secure Your Media Surfing

by Adam Gill November 24, 2018

Amazon FireStick allows users to stream several popular video streaming platforms on their TVs. It acts as an all-in-one location for viewers to stream their favorite contents posted across multiple platforms. Amazon FireStick is offered at attractive discounts too so if you have not yet bought one then this is the time for you to […]

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7 Best Free VPN for Android that actually work in 2018!

by Adam Gill November 7, 2018

The lack of internet security, anonymity and data protection has always been the growing area of concern for individuals worldwide. Every single one of us would not be able to perform our day to day activities without the use of the internet, which makes us addicted to the internet someway or the other. Usage of […]

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Best VPN Services for Windows in 2018

by Adam Gill October 29, 2018

Virtual private network gives you the ability to stay safe and secure across multiple internet connections used across all your favorite devices. Privacy is very important for an internet user and with the increasing number of risks, threats and violations on the internet, it is highly crucial that you safeguard your internet connection. VPN not […]

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5 Best VPN for Mac

by Adam Gill October 20, 2018

Mac is one of the elegant laptops you could possess and most of its users would fall in love with it mainly because of its style, features and overall built quality. It is one of the strongest and most appealing laptops in the market. When you are in love with your Mac, you need to […]

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How to Test the Speed of a VPN

by Adam Gill October 18, 2018

VPN services are awesome.  There’s no denying that they offer a great deal of security, privacy, and anonymity online.  Many people swear by them to limit their potential exposure online, in terms of having their activity tracked, information collected, or be subject to throttling or legal risks with their ISP, copyright holders, and similar.  There […]

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Best VPNs for Brazil 2018

by Adam Gill September 14, 2018

The beauty about virtual private network is that, it delivers accessibility support both in and out of a country. What this means is that, using a VPN Brazilians can access other country websites and tourists can access their home nation websites from Brazil without any restrictions. All your favorite websites, TV shows, movies, etc. can […]

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Best VPN for Iran in 2018

by Adam Gill September 8, 2018

Though online censorship and privacy is a huge issue all across the world, there are countries where it is much more difficult to stay safe online than in the rest. One such country is Iran, and if you happen to live in the country or planning on visiting there soon, a vital tool that you […]

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5 Best VPN for China 2018

by Adam Gill August 29, 2018

Great Firewall of China is one of the strongest form of online censorship implemented by China to restrict internet accessibility thereby preventing internet freedom. VPN is banned in China but you could still make use of a VPN there because the best companies are still offering their service. Popular video streaming platforms, search engines, social […]

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