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by Adam Gill

Philippines is one of the fastest growing business centers in the Asia Pacific region and it has major business relations with the US. More than 50% of the citizens of Philippines make use of the internet. Internet is offered for free in various public hotspots in the country such as pubs, coffee shops, malls etc. too which should tell us the extent of internet users in the country. The country is developing and growing in the right direction and as a result of this, many people travel to and from the country. For both these group of people, it would be necessary at some point or the other to get Philippines IP abroad.

Reason why people want to get Philippines IP abroad

Philippines citizens who travel to another country for business or in a tour would want to get Philippines IP abroad and this is quite natural because, they would not be able to live without watching their favorite TV shows, movies, news etc. Living in Philippines is like a dream come true for all those who have relocated to the country as expats and for attending long business meetings, conferences and even tourists. After living in Philippines, one would find them getting attached to the culture of the country and even watching their movies, TV shows, events etc. and suddenly if the person is going to move away from the country, then they would be forced to lose all that they have enjoyed during their stay in Philippines and so even these people would be looking for a way to get Philippines IP abroad.

How to get Philippines IP abroad

The best option available for users who want to get Philippines IP abroad is VPN. Virtual Private Network providers who have servers operating in Philippines would provide the Philippines IP to all their subscribers who log on to this server. By connecting to this VPN server, the user would hide their original IP address, whatever it might be. The new IP of the subscriber would be the Philippines IP and through this technique the subscriber would be able to get Philippines IP abroad. The IP hiding and replacement technique offered by the VPN service provider is so efficient that, there is no possibility for any online agencies to track the identity of the VPN user.

Get Philippines IP and watch anonymously

Virtual Private Network provides the subscriber with a secured internet network. Security offered by the internet network would be in the form of encrypted protocols. Either 128-bit or 256-bit encryption bit protocols would be provided by the VPN service provider. Such a secured network cannot be hacked or threatened by any activities on the web. The internet activity performed by the subscriber would stay anonymous and protected within this encrypted tunnel. The user can watch videos, news, access files, login to their bank accounts, perform financial transactions etc. The risks faced by the internet users while performing these activities would not be present anymore. Anonymous internet activity would suit people who are being tracked or watched out by someone.

Secure your internet activity

Anonymity would not exist without the presence of security. VPN servers offer encrypted and tunneled internet network and this is responsible for providing security. Multiple security protocols are in place and so the user’s data would stay within the tunnel and safe from online threats. Security is an essential part of all the internet users at the present stage and if the user is able to get Philippines IP abroad along with security and anonymity, then that’s the best options available for them. Security would be very important especially while accessing the internet using public internet connections like free Wi-Fi hotspots. These internet services would possess no or very less security. Unencrypted internet network such as these would pave way for data theft and other risks. To stay protected even while using these networks, VPN is the best solution.

VPN as a complete package

As we have discussed already, VPNs help to get Philippines IP abroad along with security and anonymity. Let us have a look into various other features offered by a VPN service that makes it a complete package.

  • VPN service providers who have multiple servers in a single country would help in reducing the data traffic of their subscribers. Data traffic would be higher if the user has subscribed with a VPN service provider who has fewer numbers of servers.
  • Certain VPN servers provide an internet network that offers higher bandwidth to its subscribers. Higher bandwidth range means that, quality of the websites and video contents viewed on the web would be better.
  • Overall, the internet access speed would also be improved if the latency, up speed and down speed provided by the VPN server is good.

Find the best VPN to get Philippines IP

Job for the subscriber is made easy as we have conducted the research and evaluation on all the service providers and have come up with the list of the top 5 VPN service providers which can be subscribed to get Philippines IP.

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