PPTP Connection Setup for iPad

by Adam Gill

The iPad has become one of the most used tablets by individuals. People are waiting in line to purchase one of these products because of its remote capabilities and Internet access. You can read books, research on the net, check any new email messages or update your social media status. However, some iPad users are still finding it hard to maintain privacy through the net when using this Apple product. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are now the chosen way to go online with an iPad, but users are still not understanding the steps it takes to make a PPTP connection to their iPad.

Follow These PPTP Connection Setup for iPad

Since there are different versions of the iPad currently being used, you may find slight changes from version-to-version. However, if you use these steps, you can easily make the PPTP connection to your iPad, no matter which version you are using:

Step 1: Settings page

Step 2: Select General.

Step 3: Select Network to get to network settings

Step 4: Select VPN

Step 5: Select “Add VPN Configuration”. Type the details to identify your VPN connection.

Step 6: Select PPTP

Step 7: Enter your VPN as provided to you by your VPN

Step 8: Select a Name for the new VPN connection within the field. Choose anything you want.

Step 9: In the field Server Name you want to put in the server given to you by the VPN.

Step 10: Add your Account Name, plus Password, also given to you by the VPN.

Step 11: Turn the RSA Secure ID OFF only after you entered the relevant information in the previous fields.

Step 12: Set encryption to Auto and turn “ON” “Send All Traffic”

Step 13: Save Settings

Step 14: The VPN connection is complete, just set VPN connection “ON” to begin browsing through the VPN.

Step 15: A VPN icon appears on status bar when you are connected to this service.

Choosing a PPTP VPN for an iPad

It is never easy to choose a PPTP for the iPad. Every VPN seems to offer this protocol, but not all the VPNs are built the same or have the same capabilities. Our PPTP VPN experts have done all the searching for you and even rated each PPTP VPN on their quality. The 260 services reviewed were placed in ranks and we offer you the top 10 PPTP VPN for iPad that we have found so far. Keep checking with us for the most recent news and updated VPN ranking.

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