PPTP Setup on Android

by Adam Gill

Android has become a popular operating system on many smart phones on the market today. These devices use Android to do many things, but one major benefit of Android is the ability to connect to a WiFi system and surf around the net. The problem arises with Android because it does not offer privacy when gliding around the net, like most operating systems. You need the assistance of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) gain extra protection with your Android device. Using PPTP security is one protocol offered by VPNs, but some people need help with PPTP setup on Android phones.

Steps for PPTP Setup on Android

It will depend on which version of Android you have on your system, but the basics are all the same when it cones to setting up VPN services. You can follow these easy rules and you will not have a problem;

  • On the front of your device select Settings
  • A new page will come up and you must select Wireless Controls
  • Pick VPN Settings
  • Add VPN
  • Add PPTP VPN
  • You want to name this wireless connection. You can choose any name you like. Most users choose to name this new wireless connection the name of their VPN service.
  • Enter VPN Server into the box provided. This information is sent to you from the VPN after you have gotten an account. You can find it in an email sent to you from the service.
  • Save this new connection

Once this is all done, you have connect the VPN, which requires some other steps. Follow these steps and you will only have to complete the task once, unless there is a problem;

  • Go to Settings again
  • Go to Wireless Controls again
  • Go to VPN Settings again
  • Choose the wireless connection you just completed setting up
  • At this point you have to enter your VPN user name. The one you use to enter your VPN account.
  • Then enter your VPN password. The one you use to enter your VPN account.
  • A new icon will appear on the face of your Android device. This means that you are connected to your new VPN wireless service.

If this does not work properly, you may have to turn OFF your encryption. This is not the best way to connect to a PPTP VPN service, but you will still get protected. Android still has some problems connecting to certain VPNs, but you can be assured that if you choose one of our top VPNs, you can follow these steps easily, especially if you are using a newer version of Android.

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