PPTP Setup on Windows Vista

by Adam Gill

Windows Vista has never really been a popular operating system, but many people are still using it on their computer devices. It has not been the best OS on the market and has major problems when it comes to security features, especially when you are entering the worldwide web. This has caused many Windows Vista users to join Virtual Private Networks (VPN). These remote services can protect you when using Windows Vista to surf around in the cyber world. However, people are still finding it hard to make the PPTP setup on Windows Vista.

Make the PPTP Setup on Windows Vista

You may not be able to find the right setup guidelines for Windows Vista through the VPN you choose, so our PPTP experts have decided to assist you. These steps are compatible with most Windows operating systems, but we have made up these steps specific to Vista:

  • Select Start on the bottom left-hand corner of your monitor
  • Select Network
  • Select Network and Sharing Center located above the networks already accessible
  • Select Set up a connection or network located under “Tasks”
  • A window will open
  • Select Connect to a workplace
  • Select Next at the bottom right-hand corner of the window
  • Select Use my Internet connection (VPN)
  • Insert Internet Address. This is a host name provided by VPN
  • Destination Name can be your the name of the VPN you joined, enter that also
  • Select Next
  • Insert your user name and password. The ones you use to get into your account through the VPN
  • Select Connect
  • Once your Windows Vista connects, select Close
  • A Select Network Location will open
  • Select Public location
  • Select Close

You will be connected to the web through the VPN at this point and you can surf safely. You can disconnect from the VPN anytime you like by choosing another network.

Choose a VPN to Setup on Windows Vista

When finally deciding to choose a VPN, you will have a hard choice. That is the reason our PPTP experts to find the top Windows Vista VPN services. Our detailed reviews have selected ten of the top providers that can offer you the most protection and privacy. Not all have the same features or offer PPTP security, but they will connect to Windows Vista. You will want to look through this list before making a final choice.

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