PPTP Setup on Windows XP

by Adam Gill

Windows XP is one of the older operating systems that is still in use on many products. Even though it is older, it is still a good OS to be using, but it has challenges when you get to the web. Your privacy can easily be interrupted when using this OS online. Millions of Windows XP users have found that Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are helping them maintain their Internet security. However, not all these users know how to make a PPTP setup on Windows XP.

Making a PPTP Setup on Windows XP

If you perform these steps, you will be able to make the connection to a PPTP VPN service through your Windows XP operating system. It does not take long, but you do want to ensure it is done correctly.

  • Hit Start
  • Hit Settings
  • Hit Network Connections
  • Hit New Connection Wizard
  • A Welcome to the New Connection Wizard screen will appear
  • Hit Next
  • Another page will appear
  • Select Connect to a network at my workplace
  • Hit Next
  • Another page will appear
  • Select Virtual Private Network connection
  • Hit Next
  • Under Company Name, enter the name of your provider
  • Hit Next
  • Select Do not dial the initial connection
  • Hit Next
  • Under Host Name or IP Address, enter the name provided by the VPN service
  • Hit Next
  • In the User Name box, enter your VPN user name
  • In the Password box, enter your VPN password
  • Hit Connect
  • You can choose to save these settings, but if you do not, each time you want to go online through the VPN, you will have to enter your user name and password, then hit Connect.

Choosing a VPN to Setup on Windows XP

The hardest part of this procedure is choosing a VPN to setup on your Windows XP. We have set a goal to let our readers know about any updated VPN news and which VPNs work best for a specific operating system. We have done that research for Windows XP and found that these ten meet all our quality criteria. You can even use our selection tool to find others that may meet your personal criteria, but you cannot go wrong with any of our top-ranked VPN services listed below.

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