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All visitor information coming into the website will be kept and maintained carefully and safely.  While we may keep certain personal and private information with all visitors and those who create an account on the site, we do not use this information in any way.  We keep this information safe and secure as we do with all information coming into  Any and all information coming into the site will be collected and used to research into the preferences of each visitor such as what they liked and what they didn’t like also and what may have interested them on also.

We here at do not have the right to sell any data kept on our site and we do not do this.  We ensure that we take every step possible to keep all private information stored on our site to be kept completely safe.  We have a rundown as to how we store information from visitors.


  • IP Addresses Of All Visitors
  • The Time And Date When Visitors Come To The Site
  • Internet Service Provider Or ISP Information Is Stored.
  • Also, The Name Of The Internet Browser Used To Access The Site Such As Internet Explorer, Firefox And Other Internet Browser Applications.
  • All Logs Of Each Web Page Visited Are Also Stored.


Our Cookies will store accountee’s information as well as visitor information also.  How our Cookies procedures work is to help ensure that information and site visitors are in fact genuine and authentic; and we also use tracking session as to how visitors use the website.  Cookies on can also allow us to find out how each visitor interacts with the site.

With advertisers on, they will receive information from the site’s visitors.  The information is really all about knowing what visitors prefer and what they don’t.  This is how the Google Ad Sense Program can add the best and relevant ads onto the site.  File logs will be looked at however; no information will be taken and used wrongly or be sold by another 3rd party.

Visitors can of course change their Cookies to ensure that Google cannot look at their information.  This is very easily done and any visitors may ensure that they are permanently opt out of third party companies looking at information.  Advertisers do ensure that relevant ads are placed on the site, so that geographically, the ads are best for visitors.

We in no way sell personal information of any kind from any of our visitors.  We take every step possible to ensure all private information given by all our visitors are kept under strict control.  We take our visitors private information seriously and keeping that is our number one priority.

We do advise that if any visitor wishes to take their own steps to ensure their private information is additionally safe, please do so.  We of course do not sell any information of any kind whatsoever and we take our visitors seriously and ensure they feel safe to come back to our website again.

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