ProXPN 2013 Upgrades

by Adam Gill

ProXPN’s cloudXPN is in all probability the VPN company’s biggest product this year. The secure cloud answers a lot of concerns regarding data security and privacy. A close second is proXPN’s addition of an IOS app. The company has also joined the battle over mobile data roaming charges. They are encouraging governments to reduce data charges so users can take advantage of greater connectivity.

Almost anything that businesses and individuals need to do can be done online. This means that there is a lot of confidential information being sent over and stored on the Internet.The days of bank robbers walking up to the vault with ski masks and guns are over. Thieves today take the virtual route, attacking banks and stealing through Internet security loopholes. Banks are ill-prepared for the sophistication of online attacks, and many consumers have suffered the effects.

CloudXPN is the modern answer to ultimate data security. The project is part of proXPN’s mission to protect their users online and to keep cybercriminals at bay.CloudXPN provides users with a highly advanced protection system. The data security features are above that of typical computer security systems. CloudXPN operates on a higher plane than most other online systems. Users on cloudXPN can browse the web within an exclusive environment, just like when using a VPN. They can access whatever they like on the Internet from anywhere in the world.The difference is that within the cloud is a community rather than just the individual user. (LINK TO THE PREVIOUS CLOUDXPN ARTICLE)

Computer security and applications like email filters are not enough to protect the increasing amount of sensitive data that is being stored online by financial institutions and other companies. Moreover, about 40% of computers don’t have up-to-date security protection. With data at risk on both ends, there is a great risk indeed of successful attacks. In view of this, proXPN has taken it upon themselves to provide their users with a solution to data security problems.

With the proXPN VPN service, users are already able to browse the Internet securely. The company is dedicated to giving users the confidence that they can surf without feeling anxious about their visibility to others. With one click, users are safe from cybercrime, malicious data collectors, and a variety of monitors and spies. With the addition of the super safe cloud, proXPN users can feel and be that much more secure.

ProXPN is already one of the leading VPN providers in just four years since its birth. One of the points that users like is that they take a different angle when it comes to their free trials. Instead of limiting the free trial or giving a money-back guarantee, proXPN offers free use of the VPN for life. The catch is that the free VPN can suffer from slow connection speeds. It is the proXPN Premium account subscribers that can enjoy unlimited connection speeds and the advanced features of protocol selection and mobile compatibility. VPN Guard is another well-loved feature that allows proXPN users to stay safe even if their VPN connection fails. VPN Guard blocks Internet access in this case to secure the user. Read our proXPN review from here and compare their packages to those of the other top VPN providers of ultimate online security and privacy.

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