Setting up a VPN on Chromebook

by Adam Gill

Chromebooks have some of the best security that Google could place on a product, but it still is susceptible to attacks when on a network. One problem with the Chromebook laptop was its inability to setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The technology used by VPN providers offers Chromebook users more privacy and secures your online network without worry about the attacks, blocking, censorship and viruses that many Internet users face. In an attempt to help readers learn that setting up a VPN on Chromebook is possible, we have written these procedures;

Network Icon

The first step in setting up a VPN on your Chrome book laptop is identifying the network icon on the from of system. It will be placed on the top right in the corner of monitor. You will want to move your cursor and select that icon.

Private Network

You will be taken to another page. This second step will require you to identify the private network, which is listed and then select Add a Private Network.3


Fill in Fields

This will take you to another page that requires you to fill in the fields. On this page you will see a new box that is for setting up an L2TP network. You must have selected that protocol during your VPN account setup to ensure that the Chromebook will connect to the VPN properly. After that account setup process, you would have received an email from your VPN provider. This email has all the information you need to fill out all the fields on this Add a Private Network page.

  • Enter the server address in the field labeled, Server Host Name
  • Choose a name of your VPN provider. It can be anything you like or the actual name of the VPN service you are using, such as Enter that name into the field labeled, Service Name
  • In the email sent from your VPN, it will have a Pre-Shared Key, or PSK. This key information must be inserted in the field labeled, Pre-Shared Key, or PSK.
  • Insert the user name you used to for your VPN account access into the field labeled, User Name
  • Insert the password you were given for your VPN account into the field labeled, Password
  • You want to save all this information


Now that you have completed the Private Network setup using all the information provided by your VPN, you can start using your Chromebook laptop through the VPN’s secured connection. When selecting a network to connect to the Internet, just use the new Private Network you just added to your Chromebook. Even though this is a little harder to complete than VPN setups on other devices, it can be accomplished if you take your time.

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