How to setup VPN on router

by Adam Gill

Virtual Private Network is the perfect solution for most of your internet needs and there is nothing better in the market at the moment. If you are looking to watch your favorite video that is blocked in your country or if you are looking to improve your security or for any other internet enhancement then VPN on router is the best feature available in the market. Setting up of VPN service in the router level will help in solving all your problems, which is exactly what you need. Before we go in detail about the setup procedure of VPN on router, users should understand one basic factor and that is the type of router that you need to have in order to use the VPN effectively.

If you are having a router that has in built VPN support then it means that you have made your job easy. Choose a router like that and you will have no problem and DD-WRT flash router is one of those routers that works effectively especially in the case of VPN. We will discuss in detail about the configuration of DD-WRT router in this article. Make sure you follow all the instructions that we are going to present to you now.

VPN on router configuration

VPN on router configuration is an easy process and there is nothing complicated about that. You will not be able to setup properly only if you do not follow the steps that we are going to list here. DD-WRT router that you have should possess built in PPTP VPN features. Users can easily check the installed server version on their router. You can find the router installed server version in the upper right corner of the configuration page. If you are not able to find this then you should flash the router with a DD-WRT version that has PPTP Client.

PPTP VPN Server Turning on

The DD-WRT router that you have should have the version supporting the client and you should also turn on PPTP VPN. Services tab should be navigated and select VPN sub-tab. In this sub-tab, make sure to check ‘Enable’ in the PPTP server. All the hidden options will appear and you should configure them as well.

  1. Server IP should be the Public IP router address
  2. Client IPs – All the local IPs with respect to the VPN network that have to be used when assigning IP address to clients that connect using VPN.
  3. CHAP secrets – Username and password is needed for authentication.

Detailed documentation on all the options can be viewed by clicking on the link ‘Help more…’ You can find this in the right hand side of the DD-WRT configuration. After this click on ‘Apply settings’ and DD-WRT router configuration is complete. Now you can setup VPN on router easily.

Setting up VPN on router

Follow the setup procedure given below in order to setup VPN on router.

  1. Choose the ‘Network and Sharing center’ from the Control Panel. In this particular page, click on the option of ‘Setup a new connection or network’.
  2. In the next page, select the option of ‘Connect to a workplace’ and then click on ‘Next’.
  3. All the connections that are already available will be listed in here. You can also create a new connection by clicking on the new connection and then click ‘Next’.
  4. In the next page, select the option of ‘Use my internet connection (VPN)’.
  5. In the following page, enter the internet address and destination name. VPN server will provide the internet address. Destination name can be any name and it can be given as per your choice. After that click ‘Next’.
  6. VPN account credentials such as username and password should be entered in the next page. Click on Connect to connect to the VPN on router.

VPN connection is established by now and you can make use of the VPN server on any of your device. Since the VPN connection has been setup on your router, you can connect to the server using all the devices you have.

Best 5 VPN on router

The most reliable and best 5 VPN on router are listed in the table below. Subscribe for any of these services and make the best use of the connection

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5StrongVPN$10.00/month7 Daysvisit strongvpn
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