SSTP vs PPTP VPN Protocol

by Adam Gill

SSTP and PPTP are types of protocols used by Internet websites and technologies that helps secure your cyber line between your equipment and a Virtual Private Network’s (VPN) equipment, or secured websited you are accessing. These two protocols are the most common offered by VPNs. These providers allow you to safely go online and surf the cyber world without worry. The protocols are what encrypts that data.

Imagine a tunnel built around your ISP. Instead on using your ISP line, you use this tunnel offered by the VPN, which is only available to you. However, there are distinct differenced between SSTP and PPTP.


Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, or PPTP, is the most common type of protocols offered by VPN providers. This protocol is compatible with every type of operating system, including Windows, Mac, Android and other Apple mobile devices. This protocol is easy to set up and has less overhead for VPN services.

However, this protocol has it critics. The security features it provides its users is not as good as SSTP. Even governments that censor Internet usage for people inside their country can block this type of protocol because it is not being used by organizations, such as banks, and can be prevented from getting through the strong firewall that these governments use to limit Internet access.


Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol, or SSTP, is one of the most secured protocols being used by VPN services. This is an SSL protocol that has 2048 bit certifications that encrypts and authenticates all the traffic sent through this secured line. This protocol can function in networks where other VPN protocols can be censored. This is because of the TCP port 443 the SSTP uses. With this port, the SSTP can pass around any proxy server or firewall used by websites or government censoring software. The problem with SSTP is that it is not always compatible with all operating software used by Internet devices.

Which Protocol is the Best

If you are looking for the most secured VPN connection, the SSTP is the type you want to use. It cannot be blocked by any firewal and is much more stable. However, PPTP works with every operating software, where SSTP is not.

While SSTP is more secure, PPTP is cheaper to implement and connects to operating software easier. While PPTP can be blocked by some firewalls. The PPTP is also secure and better than any ISP can provide. PPTP is stable, but again is not as secure as SSTP. You can also find PPTP cheaper than SSTP. Since SSTP is more secure and stable, VPNs will charge you more to connect through this protocol.

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