May VPN Provider Updates

by Adam Gill

Another month is here, and we have another round of updates from our favoriteVPN providers. IPVanish has announced new servers and a new security partnership. ExpressVPN clarifies why it offers no lifetime subscription plan. VyprVPN announces a new feature for iOS users, a new server, a new partner in privacy, and changes to their free VPN plan. And IAPS Security is conducting a survey regarding the idea of opening a commercial VPN division.

IPVanish Updates

IPVanish has ten new servers for customers of their global Top Tier network. Two servers are open in Zurich, Switzerland; one in Athens, Greece; three in Guadalajara, Mexico; and four in Hyderabad, India. New customers to IPVanish can enjoy using these new servers for as little as $6.49 a month.

The IPVanish team has just announced that they have partnered with DriodBOX, a producer of handheld gaming consoles and set top boxes. Gaming has become so dangerous lately because of the lack of attention paid to device security. This puts user privacy in danger as well. DroidBOX is one maker that does care about online security, and so IPVanish stands behind them. This Android KitKat / Lollipop and Kodi device is also a media hub for other apps, plus music and video entertainment. It also integrates well with other devices for the ultimate entertainment experience.

ExpressVPN Lifetime Subscription

Some VPN providers offer a lifetime subscription for a one-time fee, but ExpressVPN does not. The company has gotten a lot of questions about this, and we have been asked why ExpressVPN remains as our top VPN when it lacks this feature. The company responded to the matter and we share their explanation here.

ExpressVPN believes that customers get what they pay for, clean and simple, without employing any gimmicks to boost marketing. ExpressVPN is dedicated to service excellence, and giving discounted rates means offering discounted service. Lifetime subscriptions are offered by some companies for a one-time fee that comes out really cheap in comparison with monthly and yearly VPN service fees. ExpressVPN does not offer this type of package because they are committed to providing the best service that they can, now and moving forward.

ExpressVPN wants to make sure that you get only the best VPN service, and this means constant upgrades. Keeping the service at peak performance requires investment that lifetime subscriptions just can’t support. ExpressVPN does not cut corners, and so they provide only the standard monthly, bi-annual and yearly subscription packages. This ensures all their customers of top security, reliable connections, and the best customer service.

Fully supported by paying customers, ExpressVPN is able to maintain all systems without resorting to selling user data such as IP addresses and user logs. ExpressVPN is not a fly-by-night service, trying to gather as much money as it can now only to crash and disappear when it can’t find new customers. ExpressVPN is an established service that plans to be around for its customers over the long run.

VyprVPN Updates

VyprVPN has added their connect on untrusted Wi-Fi feature to the VyprVPN for iOS app. Now, all iOS users can set their devices to turn on VyprVPN automatically whenever they connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network that might be dangerous. The connection gets instantly encrypted on any unsecure hotspot so that iOS devices remain secure without having to turn anything on. The setup is simple, requiring only that users indicate what their trusted Wi-Fi networks are and the app will know to automatically run whenever the device connects to any hotspot that is not on that list. Now all VyprVPN users are protected by connect on untrusted Wi-Fi.

A new VyprVPN server location has just been launched in Tel Aviv, Israel. This new server provides an alternative connection for VyprVPN users in Asia and the Middle East. Israel has no Internet filtering policies and residents enjoy quite open Internet there.

VyprVPN welcomes Anonabox as its newest partner in the fight for better online privacy. Anonabox Tunneler and PRO are top-notch privacy routers that give users an excellent layer of protection over the Tor network while surfing the web. VyprVPN has teamed up with Anonabox to provide VPN support on these routers for even better privacy.

The free plan from VyprVPN has experienced some changes that the company announced would come into effect this month. New subscribers to the free service will get 500 MB of data usage free on their first month, and existing subscribers will get a final, one-time 500 MB. The referral bonus data program is no longer running and manual connections are no longer allowed.

IAPS Security Survey

IAPS Security, LLC has made a name for itself with their awesome Residential VPN program. The company is now considering opening up a similar Commercial VPN division to complement the residential service. The floor is open for comment, so don’t miss out on participating in this ground-breaking phase.

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