Best VPN for US Speeds

by Adam Gill

Virtual private network companies have servers in multiple countries and all these servers can be used by the subscribers to access certain country specific websites. Internet users all over the world would want to access US websites for some reason or the other. The only way they could do that effectively would be using a vpn. Most of the vpn companies have servers operating from the US and this becomes a challenging task for an individual to find the best vpn for US speeds.

US contents

US websites and online contents are available for access only to those who are in the US physically. There are ways with which you can make yourself virtually present in the country i.e. proxies, DNS and other alternatives. All these options are a mere waste of your time because they are not as effective as a vpn. Companies that have multiple servers in the US will help subscribers access US websites at high speeds.

Bypass restrictions

US IP is necessary for unblocking restrictions like geo-restriction, firewall, censorships etc. The original IP address of the website visitor would be tracked by the web administrator and if the viewer is detected to be from another country or from a restricted region then the website would automatically turn down their access. This can be frustrating for US expats, tourists, working professionals and business travelers who are not able to access their own country websites.

Individuals, gamers and extensive internet users are found to access US websites a lot than other country sites because of the quality content on offer. Any new game or movie or TV show or anything on the web, first releases in the US and it might take months to reach other country sites, which is why more and more individuals are looking for ways to access US websites. Servers in the US of vpn companies hide and replace the original IP of the subscriber with a US one, making them virtually reside in the US and thereby have free access of all the US contents.

Unlimited bandwidth

If you are into watching some of the popular video streaming platforms of the US like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc. then you got to have an internet network that has zero bandwidth restrictions. Unlimited bandwidth range is offered by some of the leading vpn for US speeds which you can subscribe to and get high speeds you are looking for. Service providers that are based out of US and those that have numerous servers in the US are guaranteed to provide excellent quality.

Good speeds

Internet network and connection speeds are entirely based on the quality of the servers operated by the US vpn companies. VPN for US speeds should be selected based on the number of servers operated within the country. Data traffic would be limited if there are multiple servers in a single country. Subscribers have the option of selecting a server based on the internet traffic, bandwidth range, etc. This will eventually spread subscribers across all the different servers operated by the company thereby decreasing internet traffic.

Best 5 US VPN

Check out the section below for the most reliable 5 best vpn companies that guarantee you high speed internet connection in the US.

RankProvider NameStarting PriceMoney Back Guarantee
Visit Provider Site
ExpressVPN$6.67/month30 Daysvisit expressvpn
2Hidemyass$11.52/month30 Daysvisit hidemyass
3IPVanish$10.00/month7 Daysvisit ipvanish
4VyprVPN$10.00/Month7 Daysvisit vyprvpn
5StrongVPN$10.00/month7 Daysvisit strongvpn
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