Best VPN for Torrents

by Adam Gill

Internet users who love torrenting and P2P sharing will also know for a fact, how difficult it is to perform the same without anybody knowing. Hackers, internet activity trackers, monitoring systems, etc. prevent individuals from downloading torrent files and perform P2P sharing. Torrenting is banned in some countries or geographic locations and if you are stuck in such locations, you could use vpn to get you out of that. Internet service providers, government organizations and even private tracking agencies monitor your internet actions and it is very easy to find you online without any protection.

Download unrestricted

Torrenting allows us to download and enjoy all our favorite pirated contents at ease. Movies, games, TV shows, series, sports and all forms of video contents can be downloaded as torrents without getting noticed. Software updates and applications are also not available in many countries and are made available only for certain parts of the World. You should also pay high money for getting these software applications which is not ideal either. Torrenting lets users all around the world get what they want in no time.

Torrent VPN

Using a virtual private network service for torrenting is not illegal so stop worrying about the consequences and download the best vpn for torrenting and P2P file sharing. Vpn servers create a secured tunnel between your computer and the websites you access hence your identity and internet activity will stay hidden. Some services offer excellent security and privacy features which make torrenting fun. A service provider who follows a no log policy will be your best bet because you can be rest assured that your confidential data will not go anywhere without your knowledge.

Automatic kill switch is another security feature that prevents your IP getting revealed at times when you might experience a sudden vpn disconnection or termination. The service provider should also have a good leakage protection. You can test the vpn servers for any data leaks using different leak tests such as DNS leak test, WebRTC tests, IPv6 and IPv4 leaks tests and if the service provider passes all these tests without any evidence of IP leaks then you can be rest assured that you are in a safe place. Also as a precautionary stay clear of US based vpn companies because they might be forced to follow the federal laws and disclose your data to the national intelligence agencies.

Download speeds

When your prime focus is torrenting and P2P sharing then the vpn company you are searching for should deliver high speed internet connectivity. Low speed connections are only going to slow you down and create a frustrating session online. For torrenting it is better to choose a PPTP protocol based encrypted connection because this does not slow you down in anyway and security is also decent. Vpn companies are not known for their network speeds so analyze these companies twice before making the right decision.

Best 5 VPN companies

The table below lists the best VPN companies for torrenting and P2P file sharing. Subscribe for any of these and enjoy torrenting all day long.

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