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FTC Disclaimer

The Federal Trade Commission has asked to keep our customers updated with all relevant information.  Everything we present on our site needs to be updated, relevant and truthful.  We run by the rules of the Federal Trade Commission.  Any and all information including reviews is presented on this website for informational purposes.  No information is regarded as legal advice by anyone from this site, any member of staff or owner. provides independent consumer reviews of VPN Service Providers but is not a VPN Service Provider company. This website receives compensation from VPN Service companies that are reviewed within.

By using our website, you need to know that many things effect how the data and use of the website runs.  There are a number of things which can affect the statement and or information contained within this document.  Information on this site is kept up to date and hopefully as correct as possible however you should not solely rely on this website for all sources of information. does have advertisers running ads on our site.  We are compensated through these ads.  The discretion of the webmaster has the right for any reviews, rankings or scores that many appear on this website. 

Any and all reviews which have been written by a third party and or our visitors can have true and false information.  We do always try to maintain and ensure all information displayed is correct and legitimate.  However, as time passes, information can unfortunately become inaccurate.  We cannot offer a warranty in any way shape or form. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at admin (at)