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Your Privacy Is Our Number One Concern

We, at, know your Privacy is important.  We take this issue very seriously and try to ensure all who visit and interact with our site has complete privacy.  We do everything that we can possibly do, to protect your private information and we now a decree to that effect.  In this document, you will be able to read what type of information we gather and what happens to that said information. 

We understand that you of course want to ensure you are being protected in every way possible.  That is why; we have made a copy of this document available to all users and visitors on our website.  Please feel comfortable to take your time in reading this document and return whenever you are worried about a certain issue.  We do also provide this document in HTML format so it’s easily readable.

Cookies and Ads

We here do use things such as Cookies and Ads.  We do have affiliate links on our site here and that will mean cookies are a must.  However, as they are third party sites, we cannot control what the cookie settings they use.  If you choose to click through any ad or link on our site, the cookie settings may change so please bare that in mind before clicking through any ad you are unsure of.

We do also have third party ads running on our site which will also use cookie tracking options.  This helps to understand how users interact with the website.  However, the information will help to create a relevant ad system.  All third party advertisers will have their own privacy policies which may differ from ours.  We do not have any responsibility for the cookies used by these third party advertisers.

We also use Google adword Tracking technology that mean you are being can find here more details.

Personal Information

When you visit our site, your IP address is collected.  This may be your very own IP address that you regularly use, however, if you use a separate computer to connect to our site, that IP address will be collected.  This goes to a general log which does allow us to store the times and dates of any visitor.  This will help us to understand and learn trends in visits to our site.  This will help us to understand user’s movements and interactions with our site and find where problems may lie.  We also like to note demographics which are only for internal purposes. 



  • IP Addresses Of All Visitors
  • The Time And Date When Visitors Come To The Site
  • Internet Service Provider Or ISP Information Is Stored.
  • Also, The Name Of The Internet Browser Used To Access The Site Such As Internet Explorer, Firefox And Other Internet Browser Applications.
  • All Logs Of Each Web Page Visited Are Also Stored.

What Happens When Linking To a Third Party Website?

We here at do have links which lead away from our site and to another website.  We cannot control what content is on that site and if there is any offensive material.  We hope there is none to offend any visitor however we simply cannot control this.  Third party sites will have their own privacy policies which may also differ from ours. 

Privacy Changes

There may come occasions when our privacy policy changes and or updates.  This is common as we do on occasion like to ensure our customers know we take their needs into consideration and update our information accordingly.  If you have any changes, you may ask us a question if you are concerned at;

admin (at)

We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible and answer any query or questions you may have.