Staying Under the Radar in China

Facebook, YouTube, Bloomberg and The New York Times are examples of the daily staples many people around the globe enjoy. With the internet, we have become used to having news, entertainment and communication at our fingertips, no matter where we are in the world. In China, however, access to these types of websites is not so easy. Coming from a country where news is just news and people are entitled to speak freely about their opinions, it can be hard to adjust to a country where this is frowned upon. Entire websites get blocked just for containing references to what we consider harmless subjects like human rights, and people who talk about anything related to government policies and personal freedoms can be reported to the government.

How to Stay out of Trouble

So what can people do to make sure they stay out of trouble? Well, everyone can just follow the rules and keep their noses clean, but this is a huge disruption for many for both their business dealings and personal lives. This is just not a sacrifice that most are willing to make, especially since being away from home is already a big enough concession. So, the alternative is to use a method which will allow access to the needed restricted web content. china vpn

Using a Proxy

The websites that are blocked in one country are not blocked in other countries. To get around this, a simple rerouting of the connection to a server in another country solved the problem. Free web proxy services have been very popular for this. They give a connection an IP address from a country where there are no blocks.It looks like you are in that other country, so just like that, you have access. But users in China need to be much more careful.

Safe, Sure Access

Restrictions put in place in December 2012 required users to provide their real full names when signing up for accounts, and ISPs to delete posts of the type they have forbidden and report these to the government. Since proxy services can be traced and several already shut down by the government , the remaining solution is a VPN. Some examples are ExpressVPN,Hidemyass and StrongVPN.

Data Protection

With the law and the technology to tie websites and accounts to individuals, the security and privacy afforded by a VPN is the only way to stay under the radar.A VPN will also protect all data sent over the internet while a proxy only covers web browser traffic. With a proxy, users are vulnerable on every other program that connects to the internet IM, music players, and anything else connecting to the internet is not shielded. But be aware that any free service will not have the resources necessary to fully cover you day to day and provide you with the security you need. Quality always comes with a price.

The Reliable Solution

With advancements in VPN technology, higher levels of secure and private access are available to users. The only sensible solution is a VPN service that can provide a reliable connection via fast servers in locations like the US and UK. Choose a service that fits your needs so that you can browse without boundaries, not worrying that your activities are being monitored and reported. For reviews on the different facets of our top picks, see the all time Top 10 VPN Service Providers list.
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