Top 10 Reasons For Using a VPN Service


Many people have a misconception about Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that this technology is being used only by businesses. While businesses do benefit by using a VPN to secure their communications, a typical Internet user will find as many or more benefits from this third-party technology. We believe that private Internet users can protect themselves online through these services and here are ten reasons for using a VPN for private use.


1- Privacy

Privacy is one of the top issues when online. VPNs offer the top security in the business by using Internet protocols to ensure your protection through their equipment. When you go through a VPN, your data is being encrypted by these protocols. Every piece of information you send through a VPN cannot be seen or reviewed by anything. By mixing your signal, you location remains anonymous.


2- Overcome Government Censorship

Several governments have placed firewalls on their national Internet service. What this does is limit where you can go and what websites you can visit. China and many Middle-eastern nations have strict rules to what you can view when going online in their country and through their ISP services. Using a VPN can bypass all these difficulties and limitations.


3- Security

If you have every experienced a computer failure because of a virus or had your online information stolen by a hacker, you understand the problem with most online services. Security is something that most people do not think about, but VPNs can provide. Since your data is being encrypted by the VPN, you do not have to worry about these problems. Once your signal is attached to a VPN server, that server offers you the maximum amount of security you can find online.


4- Streaming Videos

One aspect of VPNs that many users are unaware of is the ability to stream movies online through any website, no matter where that website is located. If you want to join Netflix and are in another country, you can use a VPN to get an American IP address. Since websites, such as Netflix, is a service restricted to certain areas of the world and the US version of this movie site is preferred, you need to get an IP from America to enjoy all of its services.


5- Prevent Internet Restrictions

Preventing any Internet restrictions should be a law, but that is not the case. Even if a country does not censor the worldwide web, they do restrict access to many things are available in other countries. These governments do not have firewalls, like China, but they do restrict access to certain sites they consider illegal. You prevent these restrictions from being imposed on you through VPNs.


6- Access to Torrents Sites

Torrent sites are sharing sites, but most media companies have secured governments around the world to outlaw these sites. Most of the information and sharing uploaded to these torrents violate copyright laws, but you can easily use a VPN to get an IP in a country that does not restrict access to many torrents and start watching the most recently released blockbuster or movie.


7- Bypass Work and University Restrictions

Several universities and schools restrict access to your social networking site. Even companies have started to restrict access to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and other social networks, but a VPN can bypass that restriction through the devices you use at school or work. You will never have to wait to check your social media site again.


8- Secure WiFi While Traveling

If you have ever went to an Internet cafe or used local WiFi, you have already learned that these are unsecured. Using a VPN to go online at one of the WiFi hotspots will protect your system and block anyone from viewing your data stream. You get more protection and privacy when using a VPN when accessing the web through a WiFi hotspot.


9- Protect Your Operating System

Several viruses are designed to attack specific operating systems. You can easily find a VPN that works with your operating system, even if it is Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or the many other operating systems used around the globe. You will not have to worry about your operating system being attacked by a virus that will destroy your computer device.


10- Securing Your Website

As any web developer will tell you, securing your website is an important part of remaining accessible to your clients or prospective clients. As you design you company or personal website, you need to conduct tests as you add or delete features. By using a VPN, you will find that you can conduct these tests securely and test the site in ways you could never have imagined. You can see how your site looks on any search engine from countries throughout the world. While these are just the top 10 reasons you should use a VPN, there are several others that are beneficial to businesses and individuals. Privacy and freedom are just the main reasons. With a VPN, you will expand your Internet access and remain completely anonymous while using cyber space.

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